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    Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Kissed by Fire, The Hound is judged by the gods; Jaime is judged; Jon proves himself; Robb is betrayed; Tyrion learns the cost of weddings.

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    Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Kissed by Fire Online

    In King’s Landing…

    Cersei Lannister calls for Littlefinger. She asks him to get some information for her. She believes the Tyrells are up to something sneaky, and she wants him to obtain proof before he leaves the city. He agrees to do it.

    Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell watch on as Loras Tyrell spars with various other men. They discuss the plans for Sansa marrying Loras so that she can finally leave King’s Landing. But as they talk, one of the squires approaches Loras and gets rather touchy-feely with him.

    In Loras’ bedroom shortly after, he and the squire boy get rather intimate. In the brief intermission between sessions, Loras asks the boy how he knew about him, pointing out that his intended wife (Sansa Stark) doesn’t even know about him, and the boy says he just knew. He always does.

    Later, the boy reports to Littlefinger, saying the Loras is intended to marry Sansa Stark.

    Tywin Lannister calls for a meeting with Cersei and Tyrion. He informs Tyrion of the plot between the Tyrells and the Starks, and how they intend to use Sansa as their key to the north. Tywin says it can’t happen, and that it must be stopped. And to do that, Tyrion must marry Sansa. Tyrion says that that would just be cruel and that he refuses. Tywin says he has no choice. And as Cersei gloats, Tywin informs her that she is to marry Loras. She refuses, and Tywin says she must in order to silence the awful rumors about her. He calls them both a disgrace and leaves them.

    In the North, beyond The Wall…

    Jon Snow and Ygritte gather firewood as their small bunch of Wildlings march towards Castle Black at The Wall. The warg asks Jon what kind of defense the Night’s Watch has set up at Castle Black and across The Wall. They know there are 19 castles along The Wall, and he wants to know how many are manned. Jon says that there are only 3 currently occupied; Castle Black, Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, and The Shadow Tower. Jon tells the warg that there are 1,000 men at Castle Black, and when the warg doubts him, he is pushed away by Tormund, who says he likes Jon, but if Jon is lying, he’ll kill him.

    When they walk away, Ygritte steals Jon’s beloved sword and she eggs him on into chasing her. She runs into a cave with a hot spring, and when he follows her in, she strips in front of him. She asks him to prove that he’s abandoned the Night’s Watch by breaking his vows of celibacy and sleeping with her. After much hesitation by him and provocation by her, he gives in and rocks her world.

    After their passionate encounter, Ygritte has Jon join her in the hot spring, and she tells him she wishes they could stay like that forever, and not have to go back.

    Across the Narrow Sea, north of Astapor…

    Daenerys Targaryen and her new army of the freed Unsullied march north towards the city of Yunkai. Daenerys calls forth the officers of the Unsullied and reminds them that they are free men, and as such, she asks that they choose a leader amongst themselves. The officers part, leaving one man standing. Daenerys calls him forth and tells him to remove his helmet and tell her his name. He says his name is Grey Worm.

    Confused, Daenerys asks Missandei, and she explains that when the Unullied are captured as children to become slaves, they are given names like Grey Worm and Black Rat to remind them that they are vermin. Not happy to hear this, she tells the Unsullied that they are free to choose their own names now, and to tell the others they can as well.

    Grey Worm says that he will keep his name. He explains that his birth name was an unlucky one because he was captured while named that. But when he was named Grey Worm, Daenerys freed him and his brethren, and it will be a name he wears with pride.

    In Harrenhal…

    Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth are brought to Lord Roose Bolton. Roose is disgusted by the way they treated Brienne and Jaime (such a valuable hostage), he demands that they are provided reasonable accommodations.

    Jaime is seen by a Maester, who checks Jaime’s hand stump, noticing how horribly infected it has grown. He reassures Jaime that he won’t die, but they might have to amputate his entire arm to stop the infection. Jaime threatens him. He finally agrees to try to save what he can, but he warns Jaime that it will be extremely painful. Jaime doesn’t seem to care, so the man peels off chunks of rotted flesh, causing Jaime to yell out in pain.

    Later, Jaime enters the bathhouse and sees Brienne. He joins her in a tub and asks her to pull him out of the water if he should faint because he doesn’t want to be the first Lannister to die in a bathtub. She says she doesn’t care how he dies, and he reminds her that she swore an oath to return him to King’s Landing, and that she’s failed that big time, and that it’s no wonder that Renly died with her protecting him. This deeply upsets her, and she stands, ready to fight him. He apologizes to her and says he’s tired of fighting and wants a truce. She points out that there needs to be trust in order to have a truce.

    Jaime begins telling her the story of how he got the name kingslayer, and how it wasn’t what everyone thought it was. Brienne asks why he wouldn’t tell everyone the truth, and he says that no one would believe him, and that he was judged as guilty the moment Ned Stark laid eyes on him. As he speaks, he begins to lose consciousness, and Brienne calls out for help.

    In Riverrun…

    The two Lannister children that Robb Stark’s army took prisoner and cared for were killed by a group of men led by Lord Rickard Karstark, acting in revenge for his son killed by Jaime Lannister. Robb calls Karstark and his men before him and demands an explanation. Karstark says that it’s war, and their enemies should be killed. Robb Stark tells his men to take Karstark to the dungeon and hang all the rest.

    Edmure Tully (Robb’s uncle) suggests that Robb hide the bodies of the Lannister boys, because if Tywin ever learns about their death, he will strike back. Robb ignores him and says that justice must be dealt, and that Karstark, a murderer, must be put to death. Catelyn Stark and Robb’s wife Talisa both protest, warning that if Robb kills Karstark, all of Karstark’s forces (nearly half) will back out of his army. Instead of killing him, Catelyn suggest they just hold him hostage until the war is over. Edmure agrees with this, but Robb ignores them both.

    Robb brings Karstark into the courtyard to be beheaded. Karstark reminds Robb that they are kin and both descendent from the First Men. Robb says that that won’t stop him from executing him, and Karstark says that that wasn’t the goal. In his final words, Karstark says that Robb shall be cursed as a kinslayer and that Robb is no kind of his. Robb then chops off his head and storms away.

    Later that night, Robb cannot sleep. The inevitable has happened; Karstark’s forces have pulled out of Robb’s army. Talisa begs him to come to bed, but he refuses. Talisa suggests that they just head back north to Winterfell and chase away the Greyjoys from the castle, but Robb says that if they go home, the armies will lose their fighting spirit. Looking at the world map, he realizes that most of the Lannister/Tyrell army has relocated south to King’s Landing, and that they can potentially strike the Lannister’s in their home town of Casterly Rock. He would just need more troops, and he knows where to go to find them: The House Frey. He was originally supposed to marry Walder Frey’s daughter, but broke that promise to marry Talisa.

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    Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 And Now His Watch Is Ended, The Nights Watch takes stock; Varys meets his better; Arya is taken to the commander of the Brotherhood; Daenerys makes an exchange.

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    Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 And Now His Watch is Ended Online

    In the Riverlands…

    Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth are once again on horseback being lead north. Jaime now wears his severed hand around his neck, and isn’t doing too well from the wound. He falls off his horse, and his captors taunt him. He manages to knock one man down and grab his sword, but he is too weak to do any harm. He gives up, and they load him back up on his horse, threatening to cut off his other hand next time.

    That evening, Brienne calls Jaime a woman, because he’s pouting and refusing to eat. She tells him he needs to survive in order to get revenge. He decides to eat. She then asks him why he saved her when their captors were going to rape her, but he doesn’t answer.

    In King’s Landing…

    Tyrion Lannister pays Varys a visit, and tries to figure out who gave the order to kill him during the Battle of the Blackwater. Varys says he has no proof, but he believes it was Cersei Lannister. Tyrion reveals that he wants to know so he can enact revenge. Varys takes the opportunity to tell Tyrion about his quest for revenge against the sorcerer who castrated him as a boy, after raping him. And after so many years of waiting, he finally has his chance for revenge against the sorcerer. He tells Tyrion to be patient, because revenge will come.

    Later, Varys visits Ros, one of Littlefinger’s prostitutes. She tells him that she believes Littlefinger is planning on taking Sansa Stark with him to The Vale.

    Meanwhile, Joffrey gives Margaery Tyrell the grand tour of the Great Sept of Baelor, and shows her the various tombs of their enemies. As he shows her around, a growing clamor can be heard from outside. Margaery urges Joffrey to follow her outside, and they find the crowd of citizens cheering for them.

    Varys pays Olenna Tyrell a visit in her garden. He tells her that he’s concerned about Littlefinger taking control of Sansa Stark, and, by doing so, will have power over the North if Robb Stark were to fall in battle. Varys says that Littlefinger is one of the most dangerous men in Westeros, and not to be taken lightly. Olenna agrees, and they both know there is an obvious solution…

    Later, Margaery Tyrell finds Sansa Stark, and says that they should be friends. She also suggests that Sansa visit Highgarden, because she’d surely love it. Sansa says Queen Cersei would never allow her to leave King’s Landing, and Margaery points out that once she and Joffrey are wed, she’ll be queen. But, she adds, that if Sansa were to marry her brother Loras Tyrell, then she’d have to live in Highgarden. Sansa smiles.

    Beyond the Wall…

    The Night’s Watch grow more and more upset at Craster and the way they are treated. And the fact they have no food. This leads them to mutiny. They kill the Wildling Craster, and when Lord Commander Mormont tries to stop them, they kill him as well.

    During the commotion, Samwell runs from the fight and finds his love Gilly and her son. He tells them they have to go, now. They run off, Gilly leading the way. Rast, one of the Night’s Watch that spurred the mutiny shouts after them that they can run, but they can’t hide.

    Across the Narrow Sea…

    Daenerys Targaryen brings her dragon, Drogon, to Kraznys mo Nakloz as her part of their exchange. All 8,000 of the Unsullied stand at attention as Daenerys hands over the dragon in exchange for the whip to command the Unsullied. She asks if the deal is done, and Kraznys says it is, but he’s having trouble restraining the dragon.

    Daenerys turns to her new army and begins addressing them in Valyrian, surprising Missandei and Kraznys. Kraznys is horrified when Daenerys says that Valyrian is her native language, as he has been insulting her during their entire encounter.

    She turns back to the Unsullied and commands them to kill all of the slave masters, soldiers, and anyone with a whip, making sure to spare the children and free any slave they find. Kraznys protests, calling to the warriors that he’s their master. She turns to her dragon and gives it the command (dracarys) to unleash its flames upon Kraznys. He is engulfed in a matter of seconds. The Unsullied begin attacking.

    After the battle, Daenerys addresses her new slave warriors and tells them that they are all free, and if they want to leave, they may do so without any harm. She then asks which of them will fight with her, and they all signify their allegiance with her.

    Daenerys and her army of over 8,000 marches out of the burning remains of Astapor as her dragons fly above her. Look out Westeros…

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    Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 Walk of Punishment, Tyrion gains new responsibilities; Jon is taken to the Fist of the First Men; Daenerys meets with the slavers; Jaime strikes a deal with his captors.

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    Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 Walk of Punishment Online

    In Riverrun, Robb Stark sends his dead grandfather, Hoster Tully, into the river on a funeral boat as Catelyn watches over. After several failed attempts by Edmure Tully (Catelyn’s younger brother) to ignite the boat, his uncle Brynden “The Blackfish” Tully shoves him out of the way, tired of the embarrassment, and shoots an arrow himself. The ship is engulfed in flames.

    Inside of the castle, Edmure brags to Robb about capturing a mill and chasing away some of the Lannister men, despite doing so out of direct orders from Robb. Brynden reminds Edmure that Robb is their King now, and should show him respect. Robb isn’t happy, because he had a plan and strategy, and Edmure lost over 200 men in the process of ruining everything due to his impatience.

    In King’s Landing, Tywin Lannister calls forth his council along with Cersei and Tyrion. They are all understandably confused and uneasy. Tywin asks about Jaime’s whereabouts. No one knows. Tywin names Tyrion as the Master of Coin, since Littlefinger will be leaving King’s Landing to marry Lysa Arryn. Tyrion is not amused.

    Meanwhile, Brienne and Jaime are being led by their captors back north towards Harrenhal. Jaime tries to warn Brienne that, as Roose Bolton’s prisoner, she will likely be raped once they set up camp, and if she tries to fight back, they will kill her.

    Elsewhere, Arya isn’t happy with Gendry and how he’s helping Thoros, who she believes took them prisoner. Thoros says she’s not a prisoner, but she’s also not allowed to go off alone, since it’s not safe for a Stark girl to be wandering the woods.

    Hot Pie informs Arya and Gendry that he’s staying behind at the inn as a baker. He baked Arya a goodbye pastry in the shape of a wolf, and she and Gendry bid farewell and head off with the Brotherhood Without Banners.

    As they ride away, Arya calls back to Hot Pie that the pastry is delicious.

    Back in Riverrun, Catelyn and her uncle Brynden share a touching moment, discussing the late Hoster Tully. He tells her that he and her father made peace right before the end. She tells him how she’d always wait for her father to return from the capitol, and how she worries that Bran and Rickon have been doing the same thing, waiting for her to return to Winterfell. But she believes they are dead, and Brynden tells her to stay strong because King Robb believes they are still alive somewhere.

    Elsewhere in the castle, Queen Talisa aids an injured Lannister boy who asks if the stories about Robb are true, that he turns into a wolf at night and eats his enemies. She says the stories are all true, but that the Lannister boy doesn’t need to worry because he won’t eat children. Unless it’s a full moon.

    North of the Wall, Mance Raydar, Jon Snow, and a small group of Wildlings arrive at the Fist of the First Men, where the Warg foresaw all the “dead crows”. However, they find dismembered horses (from the Night’s Watch) arranged in a spiral pattern. Jon points out that there are no men there, just the horses. Ygritte says that they were supposed to be “crows”, and Mance Rayder tells Jon that all of the Night’s Watch (“crows”) are dead, and have turned into White Walkers. Mance gives his men the order to climb the Wall and invade Castle Black, taking Jon Snow with him. And if he disobeys, to throw him off the Wall.

    Meanwhile, the few surviving members of the Night’s Watch arrive at Craster’s Keep, begging for shelter. Craster lets them stay, noting how few “crows” remain. During dinner, Craster tells them that they should be kissing his feet, and they need to keep their eyes off his daughters/wives. Gilly, Samwell’s love from their first encounter, can be heard giving birth in the distance, and he pays her a visit. The baby is a boy, which Samwell knows means it’s about to be sacrificed to the White Walkers in the woods.

    In a dungeon somewhere, Theon Greyjoy is woken by a boy sent by his sister. He’s come to rescue him. Theon is too weak to stand and walk, but struggles. The boy leads him to a horse, and telling him to ride east to find his sister waiting for him.

    South in Dragonstone, Melissandre is leaving, and Stannis worries that she is abandoning him. She assures him she never will. He’s paranoid that his enemies are laughing at him, like his brother did, and begs Melissandra for another son so it can kill Joffrey or Robb Stark. She says it would kill him, and that he’s weak. She says there’s another way for him to defeat his enemy, and it requires a sacrifice of someone with his blood.

    In Astapor across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys gives the slaves chained up on the Walk of Punishment pit. Barristan begs her to leave the town that night and not deal with the Unsullied, Jorah is for buying the Unsullied. Barristan argues that strong armies are only strong because they love their leaders, but the Unsullied would only kill because they are commanded to.

    Daenerys meets with Kraznys mo Nakloz and his interpreter Missandei. Daenerys, ignoring both Barristan and Jorah, tells him she wishes to buy all 8,000 of the Unsullied, as well as the boys in training. He asks how she expects to pay for so many (amongst many insults), since her ship and gold can barely afford her 200. She says she has a dragon that she will give him. Jorah and Barristan beg her not to do it. Kraznys wants the biggest dragon in exchange for the army. He agrees. Daenerys also demands that he give her Missandei, his interpreter.

    Outside the chambers, Jorah and Barristan try again to tell her she’s making a mistake. She tells them that if they ever talk back to her in front of a stranger again, she will get rid of them. She begins to get to know Missandei, who tells her she owns her now, and that she might get hurt as they go into battle. Missandei simply says Valar Morghulis, “all men must die”. Daenerys points out that they are not men.

    In Kingslanding, Tyrion visits Littlefinger to pick up the bank ledgers. Tyrion asks for advice on his new position from Littlefinger, and he says to keep a low profile. And that they’re only numbers on paper.

    Outside Littlefinger’s chambers, Tyrion decides to pay back Podrick for saving his life by paying for three whores to take his virginity. Podrick is left speechless. Ser Bronn tells him to pace himself.

    In Tyrion’s chambers, he goes over the books, realizing that Littlefinger has been borrowing money from the Bank of Brothers, and is so in debt, there’s no hope of paying it off. Tyrion worries that if they don’t pay the debt, the bank will begin funding their enemies. Podrick returns to Tyrion, with his gold in hand, saying the whores wouldn’t take the money. The whores enjoyed Podrick so much that they refused payment from him. Tyrion and Ser Bronn sit him down with some ale and demand copious details.

    Elsewhere in the east, Theon Greyjoy is on the run from some archers trying to shoot him down. His captors are able to knock him from his horse and then they threaten to rape him. An archer from the distance takes down all of the men, except for Theon. The boy walks forward, and it’s the same servant boy who saved him from where he was imprisoned. He helps him up and tells him they need to find his sister.

    Meanwhile, Locke and his men set up camp with Brienne and Jaime. Just as Jaime predicted, the men take Brienne and plan to rape her. She tries to fight, so they beat her. Jaime speaks up, saying that Brienne is from Tarth, the Sapphire capital of the world, and that her father would pay her weight in sapphires if she’s returned to him unharmed and her honor intact.

    Jaime continues using his golden tongue and convinces his captors to unchain him from the tree so he can sleep on his back. They ask if he wants food as well, and he does. They bring him to a table in order to feed him, but Locke sees through his game. His kicks him to the ground, and pins him down, telling him that his daddy can’t always be there to save him. He cuts off Jaime’s sword hand.

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    Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 Dark Wings, Dark Words, Shae asks Tyrion for a favor; Sansa learns to watch her tongue; Jaime finds a way to while away the hours; Arya has an encounter with the Brotherhood Without Banners.

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    Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 - Dark Wings, Dark Words Online

    Bran goes running through the woods, aware that he’s dreaming (since he can’t walk). He runs into the 3-eyed Raven, and suddenly draws his bow, and Jon Snow and Robb appear at his side and he hears his father’s voice. He shoots the arrow and misses. A boy appears and tells him he can’t kill the raven because he is the raven. He wakes up and startles Hodor. Osha asks what he dreamt about, and he tells her about the raven. She tells him to stop because she doesn’t want to worry about black magic. She says they should hurry north towards The Wall.

    Robb Stark and his new wife Talisa share a bonding moment when they are interrupted by Lord Baltan who has received two ravens, one from Riverrun and one from Winterfell. Robb has to tell his mother, Catelyn, that her father has died, which is what the note from Riverrun said. She is deeply saddened. Then Robb had to inform her that Winterfell has been burned and everyone has been slaughtered, and her sons Bran and Rickon have not been located. But he says that Theon might have taken them hostage instead. Catelyn asks if Theon has made any demands.

    Theon Greyjoy, bound and unconscious, is rudely awoken by a bucket of water being thrown on his back. He demands to know where he is and who his captor is. Rather than answer, his captor jams a knife under Theon’s fingernail.

    Brienne continues leading Jaime back to King’s Landing. Jaime wants to chat and charm Brienne, but she is in no mood for it. He refuses to keep quiet, though. Jaime hypothesizes that Brienne was in love with the late Renly Baratheon, and she reacts. Jaime says that he can’t blame her, since people can’t choose who they love, except that Renly preferred men. The pair run across a farmer who warns them that the King will find them no matter which route they take. He gives them his blessing and parts ways. Jaime tells Brienne that the farmer recognized him, and she says he didn’t. He asks what they’ll do if he did. She moves on.

    In King’s Landing, Joffrey complains about the fabric on his wedding clothes, thinking flowers are not fit for a king. He dismisses his tailor and Cersei asks him what he thinks of his wife-to-be Margaery Tyrell. He thinks she’s perfect for him from a strategic ruling standpoint, and with her family by his side, and will strike fear into the north. Cersei asks what he thinks of the woman, not her family – she tries to point out that Margaery is scheming against him, but he says that women should do what they are told and only that.

    Shae worries about what Littlefinger could want with Sansa Stark, but she tells Shae to stop worrying about it. She won’t tell her what he wanted, but she assures her it’s nothing to worry about. As they talk, Loras Tyrell arrives and informs Sansa that his sister and grandmother would like her to join them for tea in the gardens. She accepts, and he escorts her, complimenting her beauty as they walk. She asks if he remembers the first time they met, and he says he does.

    In the garden, she is introduced to Elena, who seems to bluntly speak her mind. She also points out how dumb Renly Baratheon was for trying to claim the Iron Throne. She asks Sansa to tell her the truth about Joffrey, but she seems hesitant. She tells them nothing but good things about Joffrey, and Elena calls her bluff. She demands the truth, and promises that no harm will come to her. She brings up Joffrey’s lie about her father, and how he killed her father despite promising to spare him. Margaery points out that Sansa is terrified, but Elena urges her to go on. She says that Joffrey is a monster, but they mustn’t stop the wedding. She says they won’t, and they promise not to betray her, and thank her for her truth.

    The Stark troops march to Riverrun to attend Catelyn’s father’s funeral. Robb’s Hand tells him that he believes it to be a waste of their time, and that they already lost the war the minute that Robb married Talisa. Meanwhile, Talisa stops to talk to Catelyn, hoping to bond, but Lady Stark shuts her out. She apologizes, and begins to tell her about how she makes a prayer wheel. She says she’s made them twice before, once when Brann fell from the tower, and once before that when Jon Snow caught the pox. She initially prayed for the gods to kill Jon, but then she decided to pray he would survive because she felt like she’d be a murderer, all because she was jealous of his mother. When she prayed, she promised the gods that she’d be a mother to him and have Ed Stark call him a Stark. And when he lived, she couldn’t keep her promise, so she believes that everything bad that’s happened is because she didn’t keep her promise to the gods and love Jon Snow.

    North of The Wall, Mance Rayder explains to Jon Snow how he managed to unite all of the warring people in his group, by telling them they must march south or else they’ll die. They catch up with a warg, a person capable of entering the minds of animals and seeing through their eyes. Mance Rayder says that the man is scouting for them. When he comes to, he says that he saw the Fist of the First Men and many dead crows.

    The members of the Night’s Watch march on, and Samwell gets teased for being a coward. Rast suggests he lie down and rest. Samwell falls to his knees in tears and exhaustion. Grenn and Edd stop and ask him what he’s doing, and Samwell says that they left him behind to die when the White Walkers attacked. They said they did because he’s fat and slow, but they’re not going to leave him now. Lord Commander Mormont appears and tells Samwell he’s forbidden from dying, and tells Rast that it’s his job to watch over him and keep him alive until they reach the Wall, else he’ll die, too.

    In the woods, Bran is woken up by his Direwolf and Osha, searching for the source of a noise in the woods. Bran spots the boy from his dream approaching. Summer, his direwolf growls, and Osha sneaks up behind him and hold a spear to the back of his head. He says he’s unarmed, and that his sister has the knife. His sister appears and holds the knife to Osha’s throat. The boy approaches Summer, who sniffs him and then stands down. He introduces himself to Bran as Jojen Reed and his sister Meera, who came a long way to find them, and that they have much longer to go.

    Elsewhere, Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie head north, hoping to reach the Red Fork of the Trident River and then follow it west to Riverrun. Gendry questions why Arya didn’t request Jaqen to kill King Joffrey or Tywin Lannister and end the war, but before she answers, they hear singing in the distance, and she silences them. They are a group of the Brotherhood Without Banners, a group of outlaws. Thoros of Myr, the leader, immediately surmises that they escaped from Harrenhal. He says he’d like to offer them food and wine and would love to hear their story, then he’ll let them go on their way.

    In King’s Landing, Shae surprises Tyrion in his chambers. He’s upset because his father threatened to kill the next woman he finds in her chambers. She mentions that Ros told her not to trust Littlefinger, and that she’s worried about Sansa. She tells Tyrion that they need to protect Sansa. He tells her that she’ll have no trouble, since she’s a great beauty, which Shae isn’t too thrilled to hear him say.

    Joffrey summons Margarey to his chambers, informing her that he’s going on a hunting trip. He asks to see if she’s happy in the capital, and she says she is. Then he asks her about being the wife of a traitor, referring to Renly Baratheon. She says that she tried to do her duty as a wife and produce a child for him, but she never could. Joffrey asks why, and she says that she believed he wasn’t interested in the company of women. Joffrey says that Renly was a known degenerate, and has considered making his ‘perversion’ punishable by death. She knows her brother is one of these ‘degenerates’, so she tries to get on Joffrey’s good side. She starts asking about his crossbow and requests that he teach her how to shoot and take her hunting with him one day. She pretends to be excited at the thought of killing, which seems to excite Joffrey. He tells her he’d like to watch her kill something.

    In the torture chamber, they continue to torture Theon for information, eventually asking why he took Winterfell. He says he took it to prove himself to his father, and that he hated the Starks and wanted to punish them for holding him hostage. He says he’ll do anything to get them to stop hurting him. They cover his head in a cloak and leave him in the chamber. A boy removes the hood, saying Theon’s sister sent him and that he’ll come back to free him later.

    Bran and his crew continue north, and Jojan tells Bran that he knows he’s a warg and that he can see through the eyes of his wolf. Jojan says that the 3-eyed raven is different, though, having the ability to see into the past and the future. Bran says that he saw his father die in his visions, and Jojan says he saw it as well. Bran knows that Jojan’s father protected his father during the last rebellion, so they feel a connection. Bran asks Jojan what else he’s seen, and he says that he’s seen Bran, the only thing that matters.

    In a pub, the Brotherhood Without Banners enjoy bread and ale. Thoros asks how a group of untrained kids could have escaped harrenhal. She says that Gendry was a smith and stole the weapons for them, and that they know how to use a sword. Arya says her brothers taught her, and draws a sword on Thoros, who effortlessly disarms her. He toasts her brothers, and tells them they can finish their meal before they’re off. He tells them they’re free. As they leave, he goes to toast them when his archer brings in The Hound, who recognizes Arya, asking Thoros why he’s with the Stark girl.

    Trying to cross a bridge, Jaime tries to rest on the ground, but Brienne doesn’t have time for it. She tries to life him up, and he manages to grab one of her swords. He frees the tether between them, but is still shackled. The begin to fight, and he says that she will have to kill him if she wants him to stop. She knocks him to the ground when knights on horseback arrive. They taunt him for losing to a woman. The farmer from earlier steps forth and identifies Jaime Lannister. The men are Robb Stark’s men, and take Jaime captive.

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    Episode Name:Valar Dohaeris
    Air date:3/31/2013
    Summary:Jon is brought before Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall, while the Night’s Watch survivors retreat south. In King’s Landing, Tyrion asks for his reward. Littlefinger offers Sansa a way out. Cersei hosts a dinner for the royal family. Daenerys sails into Slaver’s Bay.

    Watch Video :

    Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1 Valar Dohaeris Online

    The White Walkers advance on the Wall and Samwell flees. He marches through the blizzard and finds what he thinks is another of the Night’s Watch, but is actually the corpse of one. He is attacked by one of the White Walkers and Ghost saves him just in time. The rest of the Night’s Watch appear, and Jeor Mormont asks him if he sent the Ravens. He didn’t, so Jeor tells the rest that they must head back to the Wall to warn the rest of the country before it’s too late.

    North of the Wall, the line of Wildlings lead Jon Snow to Mance Rayder, the King-Beyond-the-Wall. The Wildlings aren’t too happy to see a ‘crow’ amongst them, so they throw rocks at him. They bring Jon before Tormund Giantsbane, saying that he wants to join them. Jon bows before him, and they laugh, saying no one bows beyond the Wall. Mance Rayder appears and sends them away to question Jon. He asks why Jon wants to join them, and Jon says he wants to be free. Mance says that Jon wants to be a hero and asks again. Jon reveals that he saw White Walkers when they were at Craster’s Keep, and when he told his commander, he already knew, so he wants to fight for the side that fights for the living. Mance allows him to stay.

    In the kingdoms, Tyrion sends a messenger to fetch Bronn. Meanwhile, Cersei pays Tyrion a visit. He isn’t too happy to see her, and initially refuses to let her and her guards into his room. He finally lets her in, who came just to see his disfigured face. She also wondered why Tyrion was so eager to meet with their father. She worries that he’ll tell lies about her.

    Outside the cell, Ser Bronn arrives, saying Tyrion is expecting him. Cersei’s guards threaten him should he approach. As they do, Cersei leaves. Tyrion and Bronn go for a stroll. Bronn says that if Tyrion wants him as a guard still, he needs to pay him double his salary.

    Elsewhere, Davos wakes up on a small island, surviving the Battle of the Blackwater. He spots a ship and flags them down. The row out to him, and take him aboard. The men reveal that they thought he was dead, and they recount what has happened since the battle. He asks them to take him back to Dragonstone.

    In the Riverlands, King Robb Stark and his men approach the castle of Harrenhal, eager to fight. But once they arrive, they see over 200 citizens slaughtered in the castle grounds. He addresses his men and informs them to take his mother captive, as punishment for freeing Jaime Lannister. As they take her away, they notice a man begin to cough amongst the corpses. One of the men, Qyburn, is barely alive.

    In King’s Landing, Tyrion pays his father, Tywin, a visit, curious as to why he never paid him a visit. Tyrion points out that he risked his life in defending the city and feels he deserves a thank you from his father. He doesn’t feel he deserve it and asks what he really wants. Tyrion says he wants what he deserves; Casterly Rock. Tywin tells him that he would sooner be eaten by maggots than make Tyrion the heir to Casterly Rock. He tells Tyrion how ashamed of him he is and dismisses him. As Tyrion leaves, he tells him that he’ll hang the next whore he finds in his bed.

    Shae and Sansa watch over the Blackwater Bay when Littlefinger approaches her. They dismiss Shae, and she asks Littlefinger when he’s going to take her home. He says he might be sent north soon, and might be able to take her with him, but she’ll have to be ready at a moment’s notice. As they talk, Ros, Littlefinger’s assistant, warns Shae to keep an eye on Sansa, especially around Littlefinger.

    Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys and her dragons approach Slaver’s Bay via ship. She tells Jorah that she needs an army, and he says that the Unsullied are the best soldiers in the world, and they’ll be approaching Astapor soon.

    At Dragonstone, Davos returns to King Stannis Baratheon. He isn’t too happy to see Davos. He asks for an audience with the king. He says there’s still a war to fight. Melisandre points out that she would have saved all of Stannis’ men, had he not insisted she stay behind. He draws a dagger, and is restrained. Stannis sends him to the dungeons.

    In King’s Landing, Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell are carried through the city, but Margaery stops them. She exits and goes to speak to the orphans of the city, comforting them over their losses from the Battle of Blackwater. She tells their caretaker to come to her whenever the children need anything.

    At dinner, Cersei questions Margaery’s motives, not quite understanding her charity work. Margaery mentions that her land of Highgarden has been shipping all their extra harvest to King’s Landing to help the population since the food shortage started by King Joffrey.

    In Slaver’s Bay, Daenerys Targaryen is introduced to the Unsullied by Kraznys mo Nakloz. He points out that the Unsullied are eunuchs and don’t fear death. To demonstrate, he cuts off one of the men’s nipples. He tells them that the Unsullied prove their worth by killing a newborn baby, which doesn’t make Daenerys too happy. He also insults her in his native tongue of Valyrian.

    Daenerys asks Jorah what she would be if she owned 8,000 slaves. As they talk, she is attacked by a man with a knife. He is tackled to the ground, but it’s soon revealed that the man was trying to protect her from a child possessed by the spurned warlocks. The man reveals himself to be the commander of Robert Baratheon’s Kingsgaurd, and that he’s been looking for her since the King died. He says he was the protector of her father, and asks to be allowed to be her protector.

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